Friday, March 01, 2013

You can’t help but get curious when you see one thing over and over again. It doesn’t help that people are raving about it online. I wanted to try Speculoos Cookie Butter since the week it made the rounds in Instagram. But when I found out that a jar sells for p525 (about $13), I had second thoughts of course. Is it worth it? And then someone mentioned that in the US, if you buy it straight from Trader Joe’s, a jar is only $4! Surely, I will not buy that p525 anymore right?!

And then…Tadaaaa!


I emailed my sister about a week before their flight to Manila and now I have four jars of Cookie Butter! :) My verdict: Yes, it is yummy (and I refuse to share them LOL) but it’s not something I would crave all the time and definitely not something I’d buy for $13!