Lesson learned the hard way...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am not really a techie person. But I admit, I'm into gadgets, that RSS and a couple of his friends claim that I am in fact a "biktima ng teknolohiya".

Except with mobile phone units, I usually ask advice and help from RSS, my bros, or friends when I encounter problems with any gadget (camera, laptop, pda, etc.). Because I am so ignorant when it comes to these things.

On Sunday, I planned on adding more songs and a couple of movies to my Zen. Impatient that I've always been, I easily got irritated when my transfer would literally hang and make me wait. So I would disconnect the USB, remove the battery, and wait. And everytime I would turn it on, it goes directly to "recovery mode". I did this about three times and I was really frustrated in the end. I tried to "scan disk", and to "reboot", even stopped myself from choosing "format disk" coz I knew I would loose my files by doing so. But there was one option that's been picking on my curiosity -- it said "reload firmware".

What I was thinking for choosing that "reload firmware" option is out of my grasp at the moment, but I did just that! I even chose "yes" when it asked for confirmation. I then run the CD that went with it and found nothing. NOTHING!!!! And I started to panic. Really Panic, mind you.

And upon reading the Manual, I realized that I should have downloaded first the Firmware update from their website even before I resorted to such drastic measure. That reminder was even a word of caution! Gosh!!! Naman naman!!!

The other night, RSS helped me with the downloading of the firmware (see, I'm really not into troubleshooting talaga). We were able to save it, but when we tried running the .exe file...it won't run!!! Something about the .exe file not being a valid win32 application. Sadly, RSS was not able to solve my problem. We had to give up since it was already midnight.

Until today, my Zen is considered to be on a coma. If there's any one good soul willing to help and knows the solution, please, do help me revive my helpless baby. :(