Quite productive

Thursday, April 13, 2006

For the past few days, I've been sitting in front of the laptop reading. And actually learning! I've been surfing and searching for some techniques used in both Photoshop CS2 and Paint Shop Pro X (Thanks also for the tutorial from DEP). I realized that my learning threshold is still high but my attention span remains like that of a five-year-old, hehehe. At least I am learning. Teeehhheeee. I'm focused on digital layouting, moreso, on designing kits. I so wanna be a designer (since I'm too stingy to buy kits, I only use freebies I get in the net). I realized also that the possibilities are endless. So far I have only designed these papers:

and these ribbons (scalloped and grossgrain, respectively):

And on editing pictures (I had to learn to 'clean-up' old pictures that I scanned), I learned that from this:

I can end up with something like this (I really hope you can see the slight difference!):

So there. And aside from making my eyes hurt from too much looking at the monitor and not getting enough sleep, I was also able to prepare some tarts (13 containers!). I 'copied' 4xForce's recipe of their mango tart...just by remembering how it tasted (I had that for dessert last saturday). The tart is actually just some ref cake, packed in individual containers. I experimented further by using, aside from ripe mangoes, peaches and blueberries. My LBB loved both mango and blueberry (didn't try the peach), while Ane and FIL2B 'fought' over the one container of peach variant that I sent them. Hehe, cute. :)

Anyway, if there's one thing I'm guilty about for being that productive, it is not attending church lenten activities as actively as I have in the past years. But that's another story.