Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I went to K’s school this morning for the monthly consultation with the teachers. We were also invited to a short talk on Nutrition, July being the Nutrition Month. There was a Chef who shared some recipes to make healthy snacks. I was asked to do one of the sandwiches and I was so clumsy I think the other parents noticed how undomesticated I am. Don’t get me wrong. I know how to cook and prepare food but if you will ask me to cook everyday, I won’t be able to do anything else anymore. Being in the kitchen kinda stresses me, I just don’t know if an anti fatigue kitchen mat will change that.

Anyway, they also shared this:


Macaroons? Yes but with a twist! They’re macaroons with squash! I didn’t know it until my seatmate mentioned it. K will probably like it too! Maybe I should try making some soon to wake up the domesticated goddess in me.

Stocking Knowledge

Monday, July 29, 2013

I’ve been reading tips here and there on designing party printables and office stationary like letterhead prints. I never gave up the idea that one day I will be able to offer that kind of services to clients as a business. I need to stock on knowledge because I’ll never know when a client would request for something I haven’t done before. Like last week, I had an unexpected order to design two invitations. But since I do that all the time for my kids’ parties and for friends/relatives, it was just easy. If the client added pillow boxes and tumbler labels, I would have to research first.


Friday, July 26, 2013


This is in my bucket list! I want to explore and see the world with Ane…after exploring the Philippines of course. I wish we’d still have the energy to travel when we finally have the resources to actually do it. :p

A Blessed Weekend to All

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our weekend started pretty slow and it will probably stay that way for the rest of this long weekend (at least for QC peeps with kids because there will be no classes on Monday). I’m almost done with work and I’ll be off to spend QT with family in a while. Let me just share with you this quote, used a thousand times over, but still a good prayer to utter.



Happy weekend everyone!

Santino runs slow

I haven’t been using my old laptop Santino since Whitney arrived last year. I’ve assigned Santino to my daughter K but since we limit her gadget and TV use already, we don’t turn on that laptop anymore. Even before we weaned K from the laptop, I already noticed that Santino the pc runs slow. Just starting it up takes time. Maybe because he’s old and the system needs an upgrade? But whatever. Writing this post made me remember that I have files in there I need to backup soon.

BellyBlessed Fest 2013

Friday, July 05, 2013

Mommies, New Moms and most especially Expectant Mommies and Daddies, here's an event for you soon!


From Mommy Mundo's FB page:

“Moms and dads-to-be, come to the BELLY BLESSED FEST this July 12-14 at the Podium Mall atrium and celebrate your infanticipating with us! There will be interactive activity stations, booths showcasing mom and baby products and services, Mompreneur booths, and more. On July 13, Saturday there will be an all day program of entertainment and talks.

The event is open to all but we encourage all expectant moms to pre-register to get Belly Blessed Fest goodies. Register by texting in your name and no. of weeks pregnant to 09178162524. (Limited slots available).”