Saturday, September 27, 2008

I was crying on Monday night. A serious bout of separation anxiety and a bit of sadness. First night that Ane and I are sleeping in the same house but not in the same bed (other than the times we sleep in other people's houses).

It's like this. My mom is transferred to QC so it is more practical for her to stay weekdays in the brothers' apartment. There are three rooms here. Ane can't possibly allow mom to sleep in the living area. Mom won't allow me to sleep in the living with Ane as well. We can't all stay in one room together because Ane snores too loudly mom won't be able to sleep properly. So Mom and I sleep together in our room while Ane sleeps downstairs.

I still miss him at night but I'm getting used to the set-up.

Then my mom insists that we go eat breakfast everyday (we don't really eat breakfast, you know). So she makes it a point to wake up at 530am (or earlier) to prepare breakfast (and lunch) and insists that I should eat breakfast with my husband. She says it is MY duty to do that as the wifey, hmmmmm. I guess she's also training me to become a better wife, huh? To feel less guilty, I wake up the same time she does and help out in the kitchen. Tiring I know, but I still get to go back to sleep around 9am.

I also started cooking dinner almost every night since the ward goes to school in the afternoons and we can't afford a cook for now. They've been liking what I prepare, a nice reward for the effort. It gets hot in the kitchen and I get tired easily because of the heat.

Then I'm off to just before midnight.

We just MIGHT fall back into the old routine next week because mom decided to quarantine herself away from me for a week. Sigh. She went to the farm today and was briefly exposed to a kid with mumps. Tsk! But maybe I'll try to continue the breakfast thingy so my body won't adjust to the change yet again. We'll see, wish me luck.

Baby update coming up (had my checkup yesterday) but maybe I'll do that later. I'm starting to feel my back ache. I've been sitting for hours now. And Ane is on his way home. I just wish he's bringing me home something. I'm craving Kani Salad, one of my fave appetizers from Teriyaki Boy :)


Ate Sienna said...

bakit di na lang kayo magtabi ni Ane sa salas? ayaw ni mother mag-isa?

Kaje said...

ate sienna, is dat rili chu?!?!? taas kamay ko with matching kowtow! idol kita eh!! ang saya napadalaw ka dito!

hindi kami pede magsama sa salas kasi sa mattress lang matutulog, ayaw nila kasi jontis ako malamig daw ang marmol hehehehe....

Mich said...

awww, 22 weeks ka na pala! how time flies so fast ano?

me too, i don't prepare hubby's breakfast, i dont eat with him too. haha. bad wife ako! :D