Quick peek

Monday, September 01, 2008

This is something quick. I just need to find some acne cure suggestions online. I haven't been going online for a few days. Well, I did go online but for very limited time only during those times. I would just end up checking my mails and my feeds and reading some preggy stuff on the net.

I'm on my 18th week and starting to get really big. I have to lie on my side now at nights. Still struggling with milk, ugh. I will just update more after my monthly check-up on Friday. My sister and BIL are requesting latest preggy pics, so I'll probably do that on Friday too, since I'll be out and dressed-up a bit (I wouldn't want my picture taken with my raggedy houseclothes, would I? Hehe) On Friday I'm gonna wear that brown maternity blouse I wore on Lolly's Birthday -- because I only have two blouses LOL! Hubby brought me shopping about two weeks ago but the stingy in me decided I still don't need to buy much. So I only got two blouses, one is a bit dressy, and a pair of denim shorts :)

Oh well, I'm starting to get chatty (and a bit unorganized with my sentences again!!) when I said this is gonna be a quick update, hehe. So I'll stop now. Can't wait for Friday to come, we just might be able to see Dot's gender, if we're lucky :) TTFN!


nette said...

hi tin!

naku when i was pregnant with mackennzie super breakout ako. i've never seen my face like that before, kasi usaully 1 or 2 pimple at a time lang yon e pag malapit na period ko. pero nong pregnant ako naku talagang ang dami. but i opted to not to treat it kasi nga ang dami kong nabasa na bawal gumamit ng acne med while pregnant, kasi it will affect the baby. its better to safe than sorry diba. kaya pinabayan ko na lang i was just using soap and water.

ngayon medyo okay na yon nga lang may mga pimple scar. which di ko pa rin malagyan ng acne med or anything to make them fade until i ask mackennzie's pedia. kasi i'm breastfeeding her exclusively. baka makasama sa kanya.

my suggestion is don't use anything na lang, just drink plenty of fluids. anyways its only for a few months, at that time kasi wala din akong worry sa itsura ko kasi super nahirapan din ako sa pregnancy. ang gusto ko lang maging okay ang pakiramdam ko.

enjoy you're pregnancy eat whatever you like, within reason of course hehe.