State of Education System

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Before I read on cpm, I just thought of sharing with you my short day-out yesterday.

I went to our ward's school to get her report card for the first quarter. She's currently enrolled in a national high school near our apartment, because we can't afford to send her to a private school. Anyway, I met with her adviser (since I am the appointed guardian) and she seemed fairly nice. She handed me the card and let me sign the forms and that was it. She wasn't even shocked that our student got line of sevens on ALL subjects, even getting two failing marks!!! Call me grade-conscious but I felt I was hyperventilating and I was shaking my head in disbelief! I admit our student isn't very bright but I was expecting at least line of eights since she would report to me her progress (almost) everyday. What bothered me most is that her adviser just shrugged it off, saying in as-a-matter-of-fact manner that our student is lucky to even get a 77 in TLE (found out later on that the rest of her class flunked that subject! And that only two students passed English!!). Meaning, it was but normal for students to get such grades.

So where does the problem lie?

I've always believed that if majority of a class flunks a subjects, the teacher has explaining to do. It could be that he's not good enough to teach or he just doesn't care.

But there was also another incident I witnessed yesterday. A student brought her mother to school because the adviser wanted to have a talk. Apparently, the student has been missing school for the past month even if she leaves her home in her uniform and allowance everyday! She confessed to going on dates instead of attending her lessons. And she's not even apologetic for her actions! When asked why she's being so negligent, she said that she's tinatamad to go to school and there's just nothing to do anyway. Duh.

So where does the problem lie?

I can only guess. The problem is in circles and there is a never ending finger-pointing in this society. I watch local tv (documentaries) and I am aware of the deteriorating education system in the country. I can only watch in dismay. I just hope our government can still do something to save our future.

PS. I heard there is a survey that in UP, only a small percentage of the students come for indigents -- because they cannot even keep up with the demands of the University. How sad.