Did Not Miss a Thing

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our current favorite show is The Amazing Race, shown on Mondays (early AM on local tv via satellite and 8pm on cable. Obviously, we watch the night edition hehe). We do not miss an episode and we watch even the Asian counterpart (which is coming up soon!). We love watching this because it feels like travelling around the world with the teams. We also love to see the tasks and challenges, especially that we are not capable of doing them ourselves. Both Ane and I cannot swim and we both fear heights, LOL!

Last week, AXN channel had an announcement that there won’t be an episode for this week and the next one would be on the 26th already. This worried me no end because I wasn’t sure if it’s just on cable tv. If that is so, I would have to wake up really early to catch the via satellite show.

Only this evening that I got to ask a fellow fan, Ate Jen if there was indeed an episode shown earlier. To my relief, she said that she waited until 830am but there was no TAR. Turns out there really was no episode for this week and we did not miss anything. Yey! :)