Yakimix Dinner

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Sunday, the E’s went to dinner together at Yakimix Morato. The restaurant’s set-up is buffet so I was ready to eat a lot. We tagged Klaire along so basically I was not able to savor every bite because I had to look after her (didn’t help that her chair was an improvised high chair – a booster that was just put on top of the usual chair with no belts or harnesses!). But I enjoyed the outing just the same. Later on, we went to have coffee at Baang where I got to review the restaurant photos. Much to my horror, my belly is screaming five-months pregnant even if I am not! You bet I need Lipofuze to get rid of the ugly fats! I was this close to posting the horrible picture but I decided against it, I still deserve self-respect, LOL!


Anonymous said...

hi tin, i was going to ask the question: if you are....hehe, but decided against it, baka sa shirt mo lang yung - Lara

Tin said...

hay nako lara, i would have announced it at 8 weeks, LOL! hindi aabot ng 5mos na hindi niyo alam heheh kakaloka. napansin ko din kasi I was slouching in the picture so nakadagdag sa laki ng tyan ko hayz. it's either i work out and watch my diet or learn to pose properly hahaha