Sickie in the house

Monday, April 05, 2010

Badong is worrying me. He went home on Saturday with a 39 degree fever and complained of lower back pains. He worked six days straight. I dragged him for Visita Iglesia on Thursday and to Bulacan to watch the procession on Black Friday. The fever went away after he took a shower and some Paracetamol, and slept. I figured he’s just tired and needed to rest. Sunday, he even went swimming with Klaire and my brothers after we attended the Easter mass (without the husband because he had slight fever when he woke up). And gladly went with us for dinner to celebrate Gi’s birthday at High Street come dinner time. He was restless even before dinner ended so we decided to go home right away. He had fever again. I checked a while ago, around 230am, and the fever is gone, thank God.

I think he will force himself to go to work later. If he comes homes with fever once again, I am dragging him to the ER already. I hope it’s nothing. :(