Anti-Littering Law in Effect

Friday, September 17, 2010

Watching the news last night, I saw a lot of people complaining about being apprehended for littering. Sometimes I wonder if all Filipinos were born yesterday. The Anti-littering law was passed in 1996 and was amended by the MMDA in 1999. And even if it was not strictly enforced until yesterday, I really think people should self-police and never throw anything just anywhere. It is actually one of my pet-peeves, seeing people litter. Come on, I don’t think a piece of candy wrapper or a paper receipt will be too much of a burden in the bag or pocket, eh? And please don’t get me started on people who throw trash outside the window of a moving vehicle!

Anyway according to the MMDA website here are the prohibitions of the law:


And here are the penalties for violations:


I hope no one will plead ignorance in the next few days. And I hope this is not just ningas-cogon on the part of the MMDA. We all need a little disciplining!