US Open 2010 Champions

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is a bit late (again) but let me just share with you the results of this year’s US Open, a Grand Slam Tennis event.

Kim Clijsters defended her title when she won against Vera Zvonareva in the Women’s Singles . It was a sweet and convincing win, sweeping the game in just two sets. Clijsters also set a record for being the second player to have won the most number of consecutive wins in the US Open.

For the Men, Rafael Nadal finally won his first ever US Open title. This completes his trophies for all Grand Slam Events. He faced Djokovic who put up a brave fight. The question now is whether Nadal will be able to surpass Roger Federer. Personally, I think he will not but there are different opinions from experts and fans.