Satisfied Craving

Friday, September 03, 2010

For the longest time, my taste buds were searching for the native delicacy, Pichi Pichi, specifically the ones from Arny & Dadings. Their stores are a long way from here which explains why the husband would not oblige, hehe. I even bought some from Amber’s but the ones from A&D is really different.

About a couple of weeks ago, I was going over my Google reader and saw a post from a favorite foodie. He took a shot of the outside premises of the store he was reviewing, and what do you know? Beside the tacos store is an A&D branch! And the area is just the next block from where we live!

So finally, Ane bought us some :) Look at all those cheese! You bet I was a happy camper!

pichi pichi with cheese


Faye said...

waaaaaahhhh!!! Gusto ko nito Kaje!:)

Suzanne said...

Looks yum-o!

Kaje said...

tara lets eat ladies! :D

fy said...

Dun pala nabibili yan ng tita ko! grr.. tagal ko nagbakasyon sa pinas one time ko lang natikman. Sarap neto!