Live Curious Shirts by National Geographic Channel and Regatta

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

For most of you, this is already old news but I didn’t get the chance to blog about it, so pardon me for that. Anyway the husband is into statement shirts so it did not surprise me when National Geographic Channel collaborated with Regatta in November to launch the Live Curious shirts. Live Curious is actually a global program by NGC to promote curiosity and adventure through exploration, pioneering and questioning. The campaign in the country launched with ads featuring local Nat Geo ambassadors.


These are really nice eh? I guess I was not paying much attention when the husband expressed his want to have one shirt. He said the statement he wanted was out of stock but he left his number with the Regatta peeps in GB so they could call him. One day, he went home with a shirt like this one on the ad featuring WWF-Philippines CEO Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan:


It’s not what he wanted but he could not wait for new stocks to arrive. Nice choice though.