Looking for a Dermatologist

Monday, December 06, 2010

My Aunt who’s here for a short vacation asked us if we know where she can have a good facial. She’s not after the regular facial procedure but something she calls IPL (?). I told her why not try that famous celebrity doctor but she’s adamant. We were strolling in the mall when this topic came up so I was not able to follow-through. I just remember telling her to try the dermatologist in St. Luke’s who practically healed my breakout in year 2000. I am not sure if Dra. Elsie is still in country because I have not gone back for years. She’s really good, this doctor. I would have undergone acne scar removal but she said my scars are shallow that a laser treatment would be impractical. Anyway, auntie is leaving for the US soon, I hope she finds a good dermatologist before then.