Looking Forward to Lunch Date

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Booking our accommodations at the travel fair is not the only thing that I am looking forward tomorrow. I mentioned that we will just go, book and leave the fair venue because we are having lunch together at Yakimix! Woohoo! I think Zanne and one of their friends are also joining us, but not sure. Yes, in the midst of trying to lose weight, we are going for buffet lunch, LOL! I am not sure which supplements I will be needing: the one to tame my cholesterol levels or the one to manage my weight. One thing’s for sure, I am going to enjoy every minute because it is not always that I am able to have a peaceful lunch :)


Admin said...

Who's trying to lose weight?! Hahaha! It was sooo much fun seeing you again, mare! Until next time!