Yakimix, Yet Again.

Friday, February 25, 2011

When my friend mentioned about them going to Yakimix for lunch, I said I wanted to eat there again. She suggested that we go to lunch at Yakimix Macapagal after booking our rooms at the travel fair. Such a perfect plan, I thought. We had delays during the booking, that we got to Yakimix after 12nn already. As expected, the place was already full and we had to wait. We were eleventh in line! I was losing hope already as I did not eat anything for breakfast and it seemed forever for a table to be ready. But before 1pm, we were already seated and I started to choose food from the buffet :) No talks of diet pills as we were all busy stuffing our stomachs, hehe.

Eating at Yakimix has always been a gastronomic experience. To date, I have already tried eating in their Morato, Trinoma and Macapagal branches. I feel most at home in Trinoma. I am sure there will be more Yakimix trips this year :)