Dental Mission

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The other day, our school dentists (actually my cousin and his wife) visited RSI to talk to the pupils about oral hygiene and to also check their teeth. We got there a little later so we only witnessed the last few students being checked. The morning turned into a cry-fest where the children are not used to dental visits. Most of them were really scared. Only two students got the dentists’ approval. The rest needs to have some procedures done already.

After all the students were checked, we had a chance to chitchat and my cousin offered suggestions for dental and medical equipment for the school. These were not prioritized during the setting up of the school but definitely must be considered in the very near future. We have a school nurse and first aid kits though for minor medical concerns. We are slowly getting there and we hope to be able to treat the students (dental-wise) within the campus soon.