Today is Spa Day :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

The ladies of E are coming over for some girl-bonding. About time we see each other again, because the last time we were together was back in March! We were supposed to go to the movies or spend time in a spa, but I could not commit. So I invited them over and we’ll just have food delivered and we’re calling spa/nails home service :)

The house, thankfully is in order and ready for guests anytime. Just a little scrubbing here and there and we’re fine. We also need to clean up the garden a bit because the rains and winds left fallen branches and wilted leaves. We won’t need simplicity zero turn mowers because there's no grass to mow anyway :)

Can’t wait to have them here. Can’t wait to be pampered too, heaven knows I badly need a pedicure!