Dibo the Gift Dragon Plush Toy

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dibo the Gift Dragon


In February while waiting for our flight back to Manila in Singapore Budget Terminal, I saw a Dibo plush toy in one of the stores in the waiting area. I wanted to buy it so badly for K but knowing that we already bought her toys from the trip plus the gifts from my friends, I just let it go. This, before realizing that I have not seen Dibo items sold locally. I forgot all about it until recently when Joy posted in IG a shot where Dibo was in the background. Since Mai and family were scheduled to go to SG, I asked her to buy for K in case she sees it again. I was hopeful until they got back, and she told me she did not find any :( Now I really regret that I did not buy it back in February. I will probably just check out online stores or ask someone to buy one in the US or SG.


Anonymous said...

Visit us at NEX serangoon mall Singapore for dibo plush toy only at s$29.90 each.