Facebook Detox

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am not sure is I already shared it here but I went on an FB hiatus for about a month in April. I had issues with what I usually see there so I thought I’d limit myself and save me from insanity (OA?! LOL!). Anyway, I went back about a week after Holy Week and noticed that I’ve changed. When before, I just *needed* to check every status update and album of my contacts that I was logged in most of the day, now I just check whenever I can. And like what Mae suggested, I would only login when I am done with my tasks or when I am not too busy and have nothing better to do. Plus it does not matter anymore when I am not able to check all updates that sometimes I just browse whatever’s on the first page. Talk about not having withdrawal symptoms eh?

And guess what? I feel better now that I am not too attached to FB.