Someone Moved

Saturday, May 28, 2011

So Ane moved to another company. It was not easy to make a decision especially that he served the previous employer for almost seven years. There was an attempt to make him stay which made it even more difficult for him but in the end, he chose the one that is more sustainable versus something that is both unsure and temporary. I will (probably) share more about it in my main blog later on.

He started in the new workplace on May 16 and things are doing pretty good, I guess. He was told he need not get  cash advance from somewhere else as he will receive his first salary by the next payroll. Our HMO cards were also made available the after he started. I was surprised and relieved that we got our cards right away because it means I do not have to get paranoid about getting sick while outside coverage.

He is not yet fully settled but I am sure he’s getting there.