Starbucks Happy Hour Fail

Friday, May 06, 2011

We did not have any other day to grab some Frappuccino but today. Who would not want half the price drinks, anyway? The promo is only for a week, from 12nn-2pm, and will end on Sunday. Even if we’re free this weekend, I did not want to go because for sure, lines will be extra long by then.

We were running late so we decided to drop by the nearest branch before going to the mall. There were no parking slots left outside Morato Branch so Ane stayed outside in the car while K and I go inside the store. It was 145pm.

The guard, even before we were able to step in told me that a cut-off has already been enforced and that they will not accommodate me with discounts anymore. I said “But I am here before 2pm!” He just shrugged and said that the line is still long.

FAIL. I did not want lose energy arguing anymore so we just left. It’s a bummer that the supposed cut-off is not published in their ads, even in the fine-print.


Starbucks Happy Hour 2011