State of the Post Office

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is snail mail really dying? How come the Quezon City Central Post Office building is left in its sorry state? So sad.

Quezon City Central Post Office

I can just imagine how charming this building was back in the days but that is lost now. The ceilings are about to give in and grime have accumulated through the years. We went there in March to ask about Ane’s shipment from HK (been almost two months already!) but since we have not received the notice then, we had to go through the books;

Quezon City Central Post Office Books 

Yes, we had to browse each page manually! I suddenly appreciated Ctrl-F when there’s no Ctrl-F to make it easier for us. I asked the lady whether there are plans to computerize the system but she said that is unlikely. Maybe the government has others more pressing concerns than bringing back the glory of the postal office eh?