Vikings at MOA

Monday, September 19, 2011

There is a new buffet restaurant By the Bay in the MOA grounds. It is called Vikings and we got to try it about two weeks ago.


From the SMX Convention Center, we had to ride the car again to get to that other side of the MOA grounds. Yes it was that far, too far for walking under the torturous sun and heat! We find the pricing too steep but since it is cheaper during weekdays, Ane said we could afford it. :) They said it is more complete during weekends and I wonder what the difference is. But since the rate is p1088/pax on weekends, we’ll just wait until someone (aka Mommy or FIL, LOL!) treats us there ;p

Even if they say the food offering is not complete on weekdays, we still died and went to buffet heaven hehe. Ane was speechless towards the end of our three-hour lunch that I think he literally fell into food coma. Funny guy, my husband is.

Anyway, I haven’t had the chance to fix the food photos but I will try to share them here once I’m done with them. Stay tuned! :)