Some Ways to Kill Time at the Airport

Thursday, September 29, 2011

This post seems fitting these days as a lot of people got stranded and are still stranded in the country’s airport because of 1) Typhoon Pedring and 2) PAL’s ground crew standoff. These suggestions were posted in the Lonely Planet website early this month.

1. Move ‘em muscles, exercise! Walk around and observe. Avoid running though as you might alert security.

2. Get a Massage (or pamper yourself with a mani-pedi). Most airports here have those blind masseuses. Relax while helping their industry too.

3. Lounge. Maybe not here (?) but some international airports allow use of their lounges for a fee. Enjoy comfortable seating, buffet spreads and free wifi.

4. People-watch. This is probably one of my favorite time-killers :) I love making up stories in my head  just by observing people LOL!

5. Window-shop. Or better yet, shop!

6. Eat! Airport food is expensive but there is no better comfort than chowing down your frustration right? 

7. Practice your photography :)