April Round-up

Monday, April 30, 2007

Round Up Prompts from Katie the Scrapbook Lady :)

Books and/or magazines I read:
As usual, local chismis mags (Hi!, Starstudio, Yes and Buzz) and Ane’s FHM. Honestly, I need to read more books than mags just as I used to...

Movies I watched:
Seventh Heaven marathon courtesy of Studio 23 on Good Friday and Black Saturday; The Departed on dibide (I got a bit confused in the middle so I decided not to finish it nyehehe); The Holiday on dibibe.

Special days?
4 - Li'l Bro's 17th Birthday (did not celebrate yet)
8 - Easter Sunday (just heard mass and went to Eastwood later that night)
26 - The day our US visas got approved (sad though because my other brother was denied)

Gifts given and/or received?
Given: Orange Cartunista for Li'l Bro from all of us.

Received: A new pair of Havaianas (High Summer Black) from Mom; Phone chain from Korea.

Illnesses or health concerns I had?
Allergic Rhinitis for me. None for Ane.

Fun things I did with my friends and/or family?
4 Tried our free Airborne Access account with my Brother Yang at the Cafe Xocolat, Promenade (yup, we spent around 300 bucks to try free internet access huh? Illogical hehehe);
4 Chikahan and Eating galore with the E's in the kubo under the mango tree, Ane wasn't able to make it and I went home at 2am! (I suppose by the way our conversations went that our relationship as friends have levelled-up, which is nice really);
8 Lunch with the Rotary GSE Team from Korea;
9 Shopping for clothes with Li'l Bro, hehehe...
14-15 Jala-jala getaway with the E's (ang nagutom, olats!!! we did nothing but eat, chika and sleep!!!);
20 Half day spent at the Agent's office to prepare our documents.
21 Strolled at Market Market and Serendra with Ane and Anong.
26 Interview at the US Embassy
30 Chat with Rissa :)

New foods, recipes or restaurants I tried?
Churros and Specialty Choco Drink from Xocolat (Yum!); Cheese and Mushroom Baked Oysters at Somethin' Fishy (Double yummy!); Dessert at Kok Eastwood (nothing extraordinary).

Special or unusual purchases I made?
Uh-hmmmm Havaianas? hehehe Also the educational toys (make the mind think!) we bought from Hobbes and Landes in Serendra.

- Knowing that my brother R will not be able to join us in visiting our sis.
- Services at this country's government offices, sheesh.

Nothing much...that makes my life really suck, eh? I gotta think and remember what I did this month! Scraps – 2 (nyek!)

Anything else noteworthy to record?
- Leaving for a vacation soon.


donna_chocnut said...

hi tin, enjoy da vacation! post pics ha.