February and March Roundup

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I know this is a bit late (at least for the March round up) but I wanna post it just the same. There are things I cannot trust my memory with, so I'd rather note everything here, however late.

Round Up Prompts from Katie the Scrapbook Lady :)

Books and/or magazines I read:
– my usual local chismis mags (Hi!, Starstudio, Yes and Buzz mwehehehehe yeah jologs stuff) and Ane’s FHM.
March – same as February plus February and March copy of Reader’s Digest (came in late again and I also stopped my subscription!), an old issue of Scrapbook Answers magazine I saw at The Podium, Books: Digital Family Photography and Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic and Baby (finished reading in less than 24 hours!!!).

Movies I watched:
February – Charlotte’s Web at The Promenade, Happy Feet on Ane's IPod, Wedding Crashers over at HBO
March – Pursuit of Happyness at G4, 300 at The Promenade (I fell asleep!)

Special days?
1 5th Hunnyversary (just a simple, ordinary day)
10 Bebots’ EB (fun!)
14 Valentine’s Day (had work!)
24 Li’l Bro’s Prom (Bought his date Lizzie’s Boquet and Corsage, also drove for them).
2 Dad’s 55th Birthday (lotsa people remembered him…as in lots!! We started serving food around lunch time and finished around 10pm! Nonstop!)
11 my 29th Birthday (fine day at the mall with the whole family)
21 Sheliza Vittoria was born to my cousin Frenz and his wife Sheila.
24 my sister’s 30th Birthday (called her but missed talking to her, they went to Monterey. TRIVIA: My sister and I are just 11months apart so when I turned 29 on the 11th, we were both 29! We are oftentimes mistaken as twins!)

Gifts given and/or received?
Given: An educational toy for David (Ane’s godchild and my guy friend Randy’s son), A Book and 2 cases of beading stuff for Leanne (Ane’s Godchild who he last saw on her baptism, shame!, and Leo & Connie’s daughter). Received: A new pair of Havaianas (Brown Slim Café) from Ane.
MarchGiven: An educational toy each for Louis (Michelle and Otep’s Son. They are Ane’s badminton co-team members) and Dominick (Gilda’s Son. She is Ane’s former Teammate), and a Cash gift for Gabby (Edwin and Sheridan’s Son. Edwin is Ane’s High school Buddy), Lightning McQueen pillow for Nathan (My friend Arlene and husband Handsel’s firstborn). Received: Two new pairs of Havs (Black Baroque and Pink Summer 2007) from Ane.

Illnesses or health concerns I had?
– Bad cramping just when I tested faint positive. Turned out I was just delayed and it was a bad case of false alarm.
March – None. Good.

Fun things I did with my friends and/or family?
4 Movie date with Ane and my Brothers at the Promenade;
10 Chikahan and Pictures galore with the Bebots at Rona's Office in Galleria Corporate Center;
11 Whole day Family Valentine’s Date: at Glorietta (with Ane and Brothers only after hearing Mass )- Lunch at Kaya, Playtime at Timezone and Coffee at Starbs; Dinner at Harbor along Wilson in Greenhills (it has a new name already but I forgot to note it down) and then Coffee and Dessert at UCC along Connecticut;
18 David’s First Birthday party at their Home in Baesa. Real birthday is February 20, the same as his dad Randy’s birthday;
25 Leanne’s 7th Birthday Party at Kids at Work in SM North EDSA.

2 Entertained Dad’s guests at the Garden;
3 Family trip to Hidden Valley in Laguna. We were all wasted from the previous day’s “event”. Had breakfast along SLEX (Pancake House and Starbucks). Got at the resort around lunch time. We had a lot of time to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. No Drama. Hehehe. Had Dinner at Grace and Rose Bulalo along SLEX on the way home;
4 Louis’ Christening day at St. Francis Church in Ortigas. Ane was Ninong. Reception followed at Zhuang Restaurant along Pioneer;
10 Ane’s First meeting for the project they accepted for extra income at the Podium. We had merienda at Fuzion and while they were meeting at Dome, I was was waiting for him at Cheesecake Etc;
11 My birthday. Had to attend to Dominick’s Christening first because Ane was a Ninong. Didn’t attend the reception anymore as we already had plans to celebrate. Went to G4, had lunch at Seafood, Seafood, watched Pursuit, had coffee and Strawberry cheesecake at Starbucks and the capped the day off with a light Dinner at Razon’s in Greenhills;
12 Dibide shopping at Metrowalk with my Brothers, had lunch at Pancake House. Later Accompanied Ane to Café Mediterranean at Greenbelt 1 to meet up with his colleagues for the project which unfortunately did not push thru after the client gave them the first installment. I had dinner that night for free though. hehehe;
15 -16 Rotary PESETS at Punta Fuego. We came in last because Mom had to attend to some legal stuff first before we go there. We spent most time of the 15th at Robinson’s Malate so we got to Batangas at 7pm already. They ran out of hotel rooms so we were assigned to one of the houses which was gorgeous. Food sucked and the sessions were kinda boring (I already attended the PESETS last year). So I think this entry is in the wrong group of prompt hehehehe;
18 Nathan’s 1st Birthday party at the Oasis. It’s nice to see Odie, with Wes & Leisha, and Jacq, with Allan, Alyssa & Nikki;
9 16 & 23 Friday Hang-out with the Chikadorang E’s at Dampa Libis. Issues tackled, mwehhehehehehe. It’s always nice to know that there are people who will absorb all the tension and fight for you, ehhehehehe;
24 Gabby’s Christening when Ane became a Ninong again (3 inaanak’s in a month, now, that’s record-breaking!). Church was at Twin Hearts and Reception at Shangri-la West;
30 4xForce Anniversary Celebration with the E’s. We are starting to get addictive of each other nyehehehehe. I squeezed in meeting my old church friends at Music21 in Timog because Jeff was in town and we didn’t have a gathering of sorts since I dunno when.

New foods, recipes or restaurants I tried?
– Everything we ordered from Harbor, the Spinach Soup stood out, the rest taste like all the other Chinese food I’ve tried

March – Bulalo from Grace and Rose (perfect!), Everything served at Loius’s Christening party at Zhuang (normal Chinese Food), Cheese and Mushroom Quesadillas at Fuzion (Yummy!), Seafood Rice at Cheesecake Etc (Ack!), Everything we ordered from Seafood, Seafood (again nothing extraordinary), Grilled Chicken with Rice Pilaf at Café Med (lip-smacking especially that it was free!)

Special or unusual purchases I made?
None for both months (unless you will consider my addiction to Havaianas unusual hehehe)

February – That pesky False Alarm.
March – Ane’s new 12hour work schedule; the craziness of the Baddicts election (‘nuff said.)

– Tarp designs for Merchandising, Tarp Designs for the Dad's paraphernalia, Uniform Design for the Basketball Team (we won Best in Uniform!), purchashes a sporty dress for the Team Muse (we won Best Muse!), Keisuke’s trip to the Vet, Scraps – 2 (eck!)
March – nuninuninuninuninuninuni can’t think of anything except that I had so much to work on and that I helped my brother with dad’s website, Scraps – 4 (I badly need to improve!)

Anything else noteworthy to record?
– Internet is finally transferred to the office from the receiving area. Rotary Intercity meeting that our Club Hosted (was successful).
March – Surprise call from Ajee (college bud and theses mate based in Palawan). Max leaving us for good and the other car entering our lives (or theirs…heheheh)

Huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol din :)