Here I am, blabbing again hehe

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I was up really early, as in 635am. I carpooled with Ane to Makati and then my brother G picked me up from there (with Z of course). We went straight to his school, met with his adviser and got his Final grades. When we entered his homeroom, he started leaping and his smile was from ear to ear. He was so happy to find out that he finished Third Year with Third Honors and a Year-end Deportment Award. Yabang! It amazes me how my little big boy can get good grades and I hardly see him study! Must be the genes, ehek!

I hitched a ride with my other brother R to the garden, got here a bit after lunch time, had someone pay the phone bills, checked my email and decided I needed a Facial treatment (last one was in February!). Hihihi. So the tx ended and I am now composing this entry while eating a big bowl of Champorado. No wonder my ass is bigger and my waistline totally disappoints me. Sigh.


I woke up in the morning (late, as usual) with a very weird feeling in my stomach. And I suddenly remembered that I drank a cup of Biguerlai tea just before I went to bed the other night. Now Biguerlai tea, on every pack, claims to be a Slimming tea and something something (ehehe I forgot to bring a pack with me today at work). Mamita B swears to the effectivity of the tea because it works for her. She warned me though I will frequent the washroom the next day after taking. Which happened and it was nasty. My stomach was upset the whole day (not the mention the stiffness of my neck! Argh! Another story.) I decided to search the net on the main ingredient of Biguerlai, Senna Leaves, and I found out these:

“Senna (Cassia angustifolia) is a small shrub that grows in regions of the upper Nile of North Africa and Arabia. The ancient Egyptian doctors used senna over 3500 years ago for their royal patients and the elite. It was also used by the Arabian physicians as far back 9th century A.D. After being introduced to Europe during the Crusades, its popularity as an herbal remedy exploded. While available as single product, senna is often combined with a variety of aromatic herbs.
Today senna is a commonly used laxative and is found as an active ingredient in products such as Senokot, Fletcher's Castoria, and Ex-Lax Gentle Nature. Senna can be found growing naturally in most tropical regions of the world. Both its leaves and its seeds are medicinal. Senna is able to relieve constipation by stimulating the colon, whereby speeding along the passage of the contents. Consequently, there is less time for fluid to be absorbed from the stool and it remains soft.”

Aaaaawwwww, so that makes a lot of sense. And I realized that it will never suit me, unless am constipated, hehehehe. I simply hate the feeling. I also considered that my body is prone to stomach aches and indigestion problems. So Biguerlai is not for me.

{The other day, Monday}

I was at the Mall with LBB. He got some birthday money and decided that he needs to update his wardrobe. I happily went with him as Ane also gave me some shopping money to splurge on myself and not necessarily for the house. Hihihi. So there I was, searching the mall for new clothes. It’s disappointing that most new clothes out in the market are skinny this and skinny that. Whatever happened to the clothes for the not so skinny like me?!?! The other designs are lacy if not “sparkling” which is totally not me. Am a simple shirt and jeans gal and my built isn’t at all girly (broad shoulders and hips and fat!! eeewww). I ended up with a couple of plain shirts and three polo shirts and…….drum roll…..another pair of Havaianas! Knock-knock! Who’s there? Addictus havaianus!! I was so happy when I went to All Flip flops and found just the model and color that I wanted and saw on the net. Of course, when LBB and I fetched Ane from the office & told him of my new pair, he rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth. Oh he loves me! Hahahahahaha!

{Sunday was Easter}

Ane started our day right by hearing mass (it was an additional day off for him). I know it doesn’t make up for the rest of the Holy Week when we did not participate in any church activity…but I am happy that we were able to partake in the Holy Eucharist. Easter Sundays are also renewal days of every Catholic’s Baptism. I remember, every year, having to answer questions asked of our Parents and Godparents in our Baptism and then the priest would bless everyone with Holy Water. That Sunday was different for the priest asked if we brought along a candle with us. We didn’t. Only two among the churchgoers had candles with them. The priest was dissapointed and even told us that “Ah hindi kayo pinaalalahanan ng inyong pananampalataya. (your faith did not remind you)” Now, that isn’t a nice thing to say right? I felt bad, mind you.

Anyway, after the mass, I dropped Ane home so he could get more sleep and then I proceeded to a Rotary event where we met up with the GSE (Group Study Exchange) Team from Korea. The team consisted of five and they are all nice and adorable. They understand basic English and two of them even speak good English. Throughout lunch though, they were silent…until I decided to talk to them. As our conversation went, I realized that they were just waiting for someone to start chatting. I did. They even asked if I studied in the US (which I didn’t) because they said my diction is very good and my pronunciation very clear. So there, the point of this paragraph is to brag! Hahaha Nah. I was just confident because they aren’t Caucasians, heheheh. It was so sweet of them that they gave me a phone chain from their country.

Later that night, Ane and my brothers were in Eastwood to celebrate LBB’s birthday (DOB April 4). We went around the mall, LBB got himself a new pair of Chucks, and Ane a new pair of Ipanema (taksil!). Then we just had dinner at Something Fishy (we always dine there but that night, we decided to try some other dishes) and had dessert at some Chinese Resto (only because we felt bad seeing the place with no guests). We were supposed to get some coffee but we were all full and tired so we went home.

So…..I just realized that I am being a bit chatty again and this post has become too long. I’m afraid my readers are getting bored already (yes the three of you!) so I’ll stop. I have stories to tell still but that deserves another post.