The heat is on

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Definitely! The weather has been humid for the last few days, kinda irritating. It's so hot I feel dirty all the time. You know the feeling that you just wanna stay under the shower with cold water running? And it sucks that right after I towel the excess water off, I get sweaty again.

It didn't help that I woke up this morning with no electricity, aarrrghhhh!

I think I need some days off, hehehehe (like my days are always hectic, noh?!?). The beach is definitely not in my favorite list of destinations. I'd rather stay in an airconditioned hotel room, snuggling with Ane all day under the 300+ count sheets! :) Cozy, huh? I hope we have the extra money to spend though hihihi.

Anyway, the other day I was browsing Friendster accounts and I came across a picture in Lara's that totally made my day :) I just had to do a LO of it (I remember Lara asking that I make one for her). Here it is:


How adorable, this Ryan kid! :) He can even dance like that dancing internet baby, remember that one? Hehe...

Oh, like him, I wish I can forget how hot it is, and be a kid again :)