Spark of hope

Monday, April 23, 2007

When I heard of the birth of the Asis Twins (conjoined, two heads, one body) I instantly thought of the Aguirre Twins. Carl and Clarence were born conjoined at their heads and were successfully separated just before they turned two.

Now their case was given attention wordlwide when a doctor and a hospital in the US sponsored them. Even Dateline got interested in their case that a series of reports were shown. Then I stopped hearing about them.

While reading the paper this afternoon, I found an article about Carl and Clarence and was happy to realize that the boys are now five years old. Their recovery is one for the books because it is said that in cases like theirs, it is very slim for both twins to survive. Look at them now! I believe they still have a long way to go but since they are given proper care, I'm quite sure they will be able to get through everything just fine.

Now isn't that a spark of hope? Anything is possible :).

Ps. for more information on the twins, go here.