Klaire is half a year old!

Sunday, August 02, 2009



Our little Abi turned six months old on July 30. She is now 6.3kilos (was 5.7kilos last month). She’s still within the average for her age but still nearing the low end. That worries me but Mommy said, as long as she’s average, that is okay. (And she’s heavy to carry already) She’s more active than ever, and her milk intake is still not as much as that charts say she should be drinking. That probably explains the slow weight gain.


We visited her Pedia a week before she turned half a year old. We were in and out in a breeze because she’s in perfect health anyway. I am starting to really believe that Abi remembers the doctor, and that she remembers that he would poke her with a needle. Her mood became a bit sour and her smile faded when we entered the office. Abi was staring at the doctor, observing his movements and watching where the doctor’s hands were. When Doctor Alfiler caught her eyes, Abi bit her lip and Doc A. withdrew his gaze before Abi started crying. Klaire was administered her last HepaB shot. She was also given the go-signal to have solids but will have to start with Cerelac Wheat, Gerber Rice or homemade lugaw first, then we will slowly add to her diet. This is to make sure we know to which one she’s allergic to, in case she develops rashes or something. We told the doctor that she doesn’t like orange juice so we were instructed to try apple, papaya or banana juice. The dosage of her vitamins was also increased from 0.3 to 0.6.


At six months, Abi has lost so much hair (which is normal). She’s starting to love and appreciates cartoons, an addition to “reading” books. She knows no tricks yet (or her tricks are limited, no close-open yet LOL!), but I am in no hurry because I know we are getting there. Ang alam lang niyang trick ay magpa-cute, which charms us all the time, and she knows it (read: she knows she has all of us wrapped around her tiny fingers). She “glides” with her tummy and revolves around the bed. She can “crawl” backwards, so I call her pusit. :)  Crawl is quoted because it’s not yet exactly a crawl. It sucks that I cannot have it on video yet, it’s really funny. And she does the “frog jump” probably in preparation for actual crawling. She knows how to entertain herself and is able to put self to sleep. She can sleep on her own as long as she’s calmed down from being cranky. Lastly, she thinks I am telling her a story when we pray because she would squeal, and look so amused, even laughs at me!


That’s it for this month. I will surely add more if there’s something I forgot to write. There are only few July pictures yet I am not done uploading them. I’ll share when I’m done! :)


Mae said...

omg.. cerelac.. yum yum.. hehe!
looking forward to some videos in YouTube!!!! haaayyy.. salamat sa internet.. i can watch Abi grow!!!

toni said...

big girl na! happy 6th month abi! solids na go go go! good luck kaje! :)

Kaje said...

@mae - naku, nakakatempt nga kainin ang cerelac niya LOL! don't worry, mare, Robin is here now, we can shoot vids na hehehe :)

@toni- yeah, bilis ng panahon noh? excited na ako gumawa ng homemade food :)

Suzanne said...

Time flies really fast. :) Kaya dapat natin i-enjoy bawat stage.

Avenue Junkie said...

Ang bilis. In no time mabibigatan ka na rin buhatin si Abi, Kaje.

Kaje said...

@zanne - kurak!! i consider myself lucky to be able to witness abi's progress :)

@litz - kami na lang ni badong tumatagal sa kanya sa buhat, lahat hihiramin para buhatin tapos soli agad! LOL