My Little Kikay

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I do not consider myself Makikay (girly girl). I am more Maarte (in some kind of OC way) than Makikay. Get my drift? So it is both amusing and amazing to capture our Little Abi like this:

She held that position for nearly five minutes. As usual she was murmuring to herself and it was a joy watching her. It was too late of course when we thought of taking her picture! Notice this shot is a bit blurry and noisy? But I love this picture just the same, and I am keeping this for sure. This shot is precious and it is the only shot, because she moved immediately after the first click! She didn’t even give her Daddy the chance to set the camera!

So there. Meet my Little Kikay :)


Mae said...

oh my.. buti na lang babae si Abi! hahahaha!!!! mapilantik hah!