Let me organize my thoughts first :)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Thursday and Friday was so eventful. I already said in my FB that there is just sooo much to write and share. Everything needs to be written down for my “time capsule”

Background in bullets:

  • Little Klaire turned six months old on Thursday (progress update in order!)
  • To celebrate, we went to Tagaytay (Abi’s first long drive!) after an errand in Sta. Rosa.
  • Which turned out to be a food trip for Ane, my brother Ry and me.
  • High chair shopping for Abi on Friday.
  • Seeing Papa John Llloyd in person in SM Annex
  • Finally claiming the free Tattoo from HP.
  • Tisay being hit by a bus on EDSA!

There are lots of in-betweens, so you can just imagine how much I am holding in my head right now. And yes I need to organize my thoughts first. And there are photos to sort out, too.


I just might be flooding with personal posts this blog a.k.a. my own Pensieve just like Dumbledore’s :)