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Monday, August 24, 2009

When we visited my sister’s family in 2007, that’s only when I learned that coupons may be used to save on some purchases. I would say it helped a lot in our expenses back then. Imagine getting free tickets to the amusement park because we printed and brought coupons along! Even grocery items may be bought with discounts!

I never really applied coupon codes when we returned to Manila. I guess I never cared. But, as most of you already know, I became a bit stingy when Little Abi was born (not much on her needs though). I do not even remember the last time I bought myself a book. Yes, a book! And now, I miss reading and the smell of the pages of a book. A few clicks here and there, I found some Borders Coupon Codes, everything at 50%. Wow, that’s a steal right? But then again, I have limited reading time during day time. And at night, when my two loves are already asleep, the only source of light is away from my side of the bed.sonyreader

Can you smell where this post is leading to? ;p


E-books! I know I just said that I miss the smell of books. But at this point, if I really want to read, I have not much of a choice. I wish I can find Sony Coupons for their reader! And yes, I want it to be in red. When my high school friend showed hers to me, this reader remained in my sub-conscious. Now I cannot stop thinking about it! It is as big as a regular paperback trade book but not as heavy. The size is a winner for me because that means I need not zoom and press left to right.

Oh! I want!


rac said...

meron sa HMR. it's sony din. costs around 7k. walang bumibili kasi di naman uso yan dito. dati gusto ko rin yan pero i found it expensive. instead, i store ebooks in my phone na lang. works ok for me. i installed mobipocket reader. super ganda! type mo twenties girl ebook? meron ako. send ko sayo. :)

Kaje said...

sige, thanks rors! parang i want that for christmas! iniisip ko kasi kung sa phone, zoom and scroll scroll pa hehe :) sige pasend ng twenties girl thanks!