Still Charming :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My brother and I went on a quick trip to Metrowalk. I decided to grab a Frap (and cinnamon roll for the bro) from Starbucks while waiting for Ry to finish his business. I walked in smiling and noticed that there were all male baristas behind the counters. I placed my order and told them my order’s to go. After paying, one of the boys asked me where I was headed (home) and had the gall to ask where home was, LOL! And then they asked for my name for the cup. “It’s Tin, I said,”  and moved on to the side to wait for my Frap. Then they called me and got this:


Could not help but smile :) It was one of those days that I hoped I had a better camera with me (this was taken using my mobile). I don’t know what this means. Maybe they just wanted to cheer me up (more) or I am still charming to their eyes, LOL!


ryan said...

Si manong guard naglagay nyan haha. joke lang.. Naks akala dalaga ka pa.

Mae said...

hahahah! nakakataba ng puso.. nice!

may naalala tuloy ako sa name mo. remember may times na they couldn't get your name right tapos sabi ni papita pag oorder ka at kasama mo si mmy carmie, mas madali nila maget-gets name mo.

"T(h)IN" -- turo mo sarili mo.
then turo mo si mmy carms. ulit ulitin mo, maget-gets daw nila name mo.

loko talaga!


Kaje said...

LOL @ ry! tinatabla mo ako ha! hehehe

mae! natawa ako sa pinaalala mo hahaha dapat lagi ko kasama si mami carms nyan hahaha