First Post for the Year!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I know we are five days into 2010 and here I am just posting my first entry (at least here)! It was crazy during the Holidays and I had very limited time to blog. But because I also do not want to get drowned in back posts, I am forcing myself to blog tonight :) I’ll do this very quick and in chronological order because really, I have not organized my thoughts yet.

December 24. We went home a bit after lunch. The trip was short that we even had time to nap after I have fixed our stuff. By 530pm, we were getting ready for an early dinner with my in-laws downstairs. I was glad that Klaire was in her element and was not too cranky. She got her first aguinaldo from lolo Donnie, who was kinda forced to bring out his money when we showed that K’s bag was still empty, LOL! Then we drove to my paternal grandparents’ house for a short get-together. We were not able to spend more time with them because the Aguinaldo mass was at 8pm and we had barely an hour left.

The church was fully-packed when we got there. We only got to stay on the middle aisle and only Mommy got a seat. K amused herself with mom’s red fan which she learned, in delight, to open and fold!


We walked from the church to the garden to have an early Noche Buena. We just waited for the clock to strike twelve afterwards. We took pictures and didn’t have gifts to exchange because my family went shopping for gifts already days before so there was no point wrapping them up, LOL. Notice also that we lacked decorations, maybe we’ll prepare for that next year.


We hugged and kissed when Christmas came and then we were off.

December 25. I had a funny feeling that our night will be eventful even if we are at home already. I was right, because just when we were turning in our street we realized that there is a party going on in front of our house. The crowd was rowdy (they had microphones!!) and the sounds too loud (two boom boxes were aimed at our window) we were praying they will wrap up soon. We tried to sleep but had a hard time. Guess what time they ended. Five in the freakin’ morning! We have nothing against partying but we were hoping they have basic courtesy to award their neighbors with the right to sleep and rest! I was this close to calling the cops because apparently, the barangay captain who lives next door did not care at all. They should be thankful that Klaire slept through it, otherwise I would have made a scene (as if LOL)!

Lunch was spent at my maternal grandparents’ house with my mom’s siblings and their families. It is always fun to gather around with them because of all the stories and chickas.


Then we were off to K’s Ninong Sherwin’s house. Too bad we had to leave earlier than the rest but we were running out of time. We went back home to fix our things then we went to visit K’s Ninang Daday in their newly-constructed house. This is where we realized that K loves dancing to Nobody (late bloomer I know!), I have that vid somewhere in my drive, I’ll upload it soon.


We had to eat and run after dinner at their house (which I covet haha, I want a house of my own!) because we were already late for the gathering with the E’s at Jun’s house. Poor K was probably tired that she slept the entire time we were on the road but got all playful when she got her wisyo back. Papita, where are the pictures?! K got all hyper even when we were already at home.

Cousins Marc, Madel and Marlon stayed the night with us. They had a singles-night out with my brothers at Eastwood.

To be continued (and I thought I am all ready to blog harharhar!)…