New Year’s Eve

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We packed our things yet again to spend the night at our home. While this is Klaire’s first time to celebrate the New Year, I did not prepare for the Media Noche. We decided to forego traditions and will just get back on it next year. I did not cook because K is still too clingy to me. We did not buy 12 round fruits. We closed all doors and windows when the clock struck twelve and just watched the fireworks from the window (Klaire was suffering from coughs and we did not want the smoke to trigger worse conditions). We had early dinner at my parents’ and we were homebound just before 9pm.


Ane and K took a nap when we got home. We “feasted” on bread, ham and barbeque (from my mom) and sopas & Coke Zero from my MIL just before midnight. My MIL went up to greet us and play a bit with K.

We were ready for bed before 1am. Pretty uneventful, huh?