Holidays - Continuation

Thursday, January 07, 2010

December 26. Since we didn’t have angels in the house we survived on take-home/delivered food or eating out during lunch (I’d cook for dinner on some days). Having the cousins around, we tagged them along to Greenhills and ate at KFC.



Klaire and I joined them in strolling but when the crowd thickened, K and I just stayed in Promenade and waited while they shopped.

December 27. Dad and Mom were around. We went to mass together and they decided to go to Galleria afterwards where we had lunch and a bit of shopping for dad. Klaire was a trooper because she agreed to sit on the restaurant high-chair the entire time she was eating, a first time. Doesn’t she look like a big girl already in those jeans?


She also got the chance to “pose” with the Chipmunks :)


More entries to come! ;)