Klaire turned 11 months old!

Thursday, January 07, 2010


It is amazing that our little Klaire is turning one year old soon! I get emotional just thinking about how a  miracle is growing before my eyes. We started the day with a lunch out at Kopi Tiam.


Then in the afternoon, I cooked spaghetti and served Blueberry Cheesecake from Conti’s (our last monthly cake! huhu!). We had a mini-photo shoot outside before we had our merienda. The pictures will  be used for her birthday party, so i am not sharing them yet.



We didn’t have a scheduled well-baby check-up and vaccination so I am not sure how much weight she gained in the past month. I am positive that she gained some weight because she now eats more and even demands for dede after eating! Yes, she can now say “dede” and means it when she says it. She can also say Daddy and Tatay (both referring to Ane) and her signals are more recognizable now. She likes being around people and being conversed with but there must be no touches (before she’s warmed up) otherwise she’d get all cranky. She gets excited when she knows we are going out (batang layas, in short) and enjoys everything that she sees. She tried to mimic what we say, too adorable :) She is more active and demanding for some quality time. During the day, she lets me work when I need to but when it’s already dark, she would cry even if I just touch the laptop! I think she likes animals too and recognize the existence of Kei (she calls him “Eyyyyy” in the same tone that we call Kei, cute) and the birds that would rest just outside our bedroom window. She doesn’t have teeth yet but I read that we should not worry about it. Her face rashes would recur every two weeks (much to my dismay!) so kissing her on the face is banned for now.

I am currently busy preparing for her party. These are just the updates that I remember for now. Will try to blog more when something pops in my head again :)