New Year’s Day

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ane needed to work. He had to leave a bit after 5am so he won’t be late (our house is a long way to his office!). We actually didn’t have plans, K and I were just waiting for my family to pick us up.

I had to ask my MIL to look after K while I prepare our things, tidy the house a bit (it will be a long while until our next visit) and take a shower. Good thing K was a trooper and did not mind bonding with her Mamita.

About lunchtime we were ready to go. We rode with Dad and Mom and went straight to Powerplant. The boys took a quick stop at the apartment to drop Kei off. While waiting for them, Dad picked a few stuff he will be needing for the campaign while us girls sat in McDo.


We strolled and window-shopped. Mom got herself a new pair of AK shoes which she allowed me to “break-in” while still at the mall (darn, I was only wearing glorified tsinelas aka Havs because my sandals were left in Ane’s car). Ane arrived and joined us after work. We had super late lunch cum merienda slash early dinner at CPK. Yum! More on that later (or in the other blog).

My parents bought K two toys, a telephone and an activity table. Klaire could not take her eyes off Barbie and Kelly but we did not buy the set as she still too young for that, right?! :)

It was a happy day (even if I got nothing for myself hehe).


espan said...

Abi is safe in the arms of Mommy Yoya. My beautiful smile coz of my brand new teeth care of Drs. Frenz and Sheila Ocariza defeated Abi's. She's got no tooth at nearly one year old. Who knows, two front teeth might get out on the 30th. Ha...ha...