Saturday, July 05, 2008

I've been really really lazy and negligent. I was twitting the other day and I wrote there that, these days, I am asleep 70% of the day. No kidding! I don't even know how I can do that! Baby Dot is as sleepyhead as his/her Nanay!!

Anyway, days passed and I was never able to blog about our Anniversary as Husband and Wife! That deserves a post, noh? So yeah, we celebrated our second anniversary on July 1. I would have checked on the best flight deals so we could have a little getaway but my condition didn't permit that (more like the budget didn't permit a getaway, heheh).

We attended the 6am (!) mass at the church where we got married, Our Lady of Consolation in Tandang Sora. I think it's gonna be an annual trip to that church starting this year (we were away last year). We were kinda surprised that the parish cut down some trees in front of the church to make way to more parking slots. Sigh. And then we braved the Katipunan morning traffic and had a buffet breakfast at Seven Corners in Crowne Galleria. I was ready to pig-out and consider July 1 as a cheat day when I realized Baby Dot and I weren't that hungry! Imagine hubby's face when I told him I can't maximize the breakfast cost, LOL! Don't get me wrong, the food was okay...but after salad and cereals, I was full! I tried to eat more but was not able to try everything.

That's about it. The rest of the day was uneventful (I was asleep from 10am to 530pm, totally skipping lunch!). We didn't give each other gifts anymore as we are saving for the baby's arrival :)