Finally a new ID :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's not that I am ashamed of using my husband's surname but after two years, I got my driver's license renewed with my new name on it :) Although I renewed it in March, I only claimed it two weeks ago since I applied at a branch. They had to process it in the main office. I knew I should have gone to East Avenue instead, but you know me -- I just hate dealing with government offices so I opted to go to a nearer and less populated office, hehe. It took me this long because I waited for the expiration of the old card, not wanting to go through extra hassle when I can wait, ayt?

So yes, this is the only government issued ID I have that has my married name printed on it! And yes, I always bring an NSO copy of our Marriage certificate to support my old ID's hehe. Even my passport has my maiden name on it since I had it replaced in May 2006 after it was stolen. I was too afraid to wait for July to come before I had it replaced or I risk having a stranger use my identity. My tax, SS and Philhealth details are updated though, I just haven't had the ID's changed :)