How old is he again? (and my pancit story)

Monday, July 28, 2008

This is what my mother in-law asked me when I told her if we can maybe prepare pancit or spaghetti for Ane's birthday. Hehe. She's forgetful...Hubby is an only kid! :)

My better half turned 31 on July 14. We just stayed home the entire day. MIL and I weren't able to cook anymore. And then we had dinner with my brothers at Burgoo Rockwell using some of my blogging money. That's it. No gifts hehehe. We need to save badly.

And then on July 16, we brought food to the courts so we can share it with some of our friends. We initially planned to serve Buddy's Pansit and Pichi-pichi from Arny and Dadings's. Buddy's is in Pasig and delivers to Greenhills minimum of P1000. Since they have nothing else to offer and P1000 is too much for pancit alone, we decided to look somewhere else. Before looking, we drove to A&D's in Katipunan, but we came later in the afternoon, they only had 12pieces left. I was craving pichi-pichi so we bought twelve pieces and enjoyed it while we think of another place to get Pancit. Then I remembered a post by Donna -- they buy their pancit from Orchids Motel in Pasig, hehehe. So we called the place and realized that they also offer BBQ. There we were on a bed-weather late afternoon driving through a motel, LOL! The bellboys readily pointed us to a garage and we just had to wave them off. I opened my window to ask where we can order pancit hehe. We ordered two kinds, Pancit Sotanghon and Pancit Bihon good for 5-7 pax, P450 each. It's kinda steep but when we saw the bilao, one can serve 10 or more pax! Super sulit! And they're yummy too. I liked the Bihon better though. The toppings include fried chicken! Their BBQ is a different story altogether. For P160 and only three sticks, we found it too expensive, so we bought two jumbo lechon manok from Andok's instead.

We waited more than 30 minutes for the pancit and enjoyed "sight-seeing", hehe. I tell yah, cars and cabs come and go, I realized having a motel for business is lucrative, LOL! If you aren't too bold to drive through inside, they deliver in Pasig area for free. If you're not working or living in Pasig, you may call ahead and pick it up outside (Orchids Tel 9100164 or 6712233).

Anyway, even if there was no big bang on Ane's birthday, we are still thankful that we are so blessed in many other ways. Belated Happy Birthday, Hun. I love you! ;)


Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Ane! You are sooo lucky to have Kaje as your wife. And no, she did not bribe me to say that. LOL!

desiree said...

masarap ang pansit! pramis! pati andoks!!! nabusog kami .. mraming salamat po! haberday uli MIL ;) thanks tin :D

Mhelskie said...

wow dami kong names :D

Kaje said...

@ zanne, thanks! :) by now, hubby has read your comment already LOL!

@ des, walang anuman, sa uulitin...kung kelna, ewan!

@ane, uyy nagparamdam!