About shoes

Monday, August 04, 2008

I love shoes (but not as much as my flip-flops, LOL!), I buy 'em but hardly wear any of them. I usually buy for the dresses and since I don't go to social events that much anymore, my pairs are accumulating dust, hehe. My last purchase was actually a pair of matte silver strappy sandals I bought for Dada's wedding in April..and I have no idea where they are at the moment, hehe. What's the point of this entry?

Well, there is a tag that went around about two weeks ago and I just thought of sharing coz it amused me. The tag asked what are the shoe sizes of the girls in the family...here goes:

Mom's = 7 to 7.5
Sister's = 7 to 7.5
Mine = 7 to 7.5

Are we lucky or what?!? Mom's and sister's feet did not grow during their pregnancy (I hope mine won't too), so we still have the same size since I can't remember when...well I just know my feet have always been a 7 since I was in grade6! We don't use each other's shoes (except for the formal ones when one cannot buy anymore) but this fact seems to be helpful when we need each other to turn to. Like when mom is too busy, she'd ask me to buy her a pair. Or I can ask my sister anytime to buy me a pair from the US. Or we could buy each other shoes as gifts and keep it a secret. Hehe.

La lang, naaliw lang ako hehe....