My EHD is full, argh.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I've been online for about three hours now. I was supposed to do some tasks so it will be included in the cut-off plus there are three tasks that were due months ago (I wonder if they'll allow me to finish it still?). But I got distracted (so what's new eh?), so many freebies that I wanna DL. I decided to download some freebies and in the middle of everything, I realized that my 80gb EHDD is full and cannot take anymore. There are two movies in there for my LBB which Hubby forgot to transfer when we were in QC. So I *tried* to go over my scrap stash and found that about 60% of my drive's content is for digiscrap (that I rarely use now), about 25% are pictures that I can't transfer just yet because I wanna scrap 'em. I deleted some of the freebies that I hardly ever used -- I have so much freebies that I don't like pala. Argh. I'm not even halfway in going over the loot.

Really, I was *this close* in deleting everything in my freebie stash and just work on the kits I've purchased (hoping that I get my mojo back soon!). It will probably take me weeks to organize and ditch. And I'll have to really want the freebie before I download. My solution for now is to buy another EHDD, at least 160gb, but there's no extra moolah LOL!

Now my pc time is up -- I'm hungry, sleepy and tired. But before I go, I have to edit the tarp I made for my brother, the request I just received now.

I leave you with a couple of pictures from Saturday's Mini-reunion. Grabbed from my aunt's Friendster :)

Me making mano to Lolly, the birthday girl :)

"You can't catch me candid!" :)