Weekend trip :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And I thought we're not going on another local trip until next year :) Yay! We're spending Friday and Saturday morning in Caleruega for a friend's wedding. Even though it's safe for me to travel, Hubby insisted that I ask my doctor if she'll allow me the more or less 3hour road trip. And she did say yes! We're all set (except that Hub's Barong is coming out from the drycleaners at 8am on Friday...talk about cramming LOL!).

As the decision to go came just about three weeks ago, we have money matters to think about. How I wish there are easy loans (it's not like Hubby's convinced we should get one at this point), say a Cash advance for heirs (not that my parents have fixed their will or something, neither). It's just that, sometimes, I wish there's an easier way out to ease cash worries, ayt? We still have enough, but with the astronomical gas prices, how much really is enough?

I'm distracted, hehehe. I'll finish a meme first before I continue with our trip details :)