Generation Gap

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My LBB had some friends over the other day to play RockBand. We ordered in some pizza and pasta from PizzaHut. While eating, I noticed that they didn't use the plates anymore (ignored the pasta altogether), and didn't even sit around the table. They were just standing while munching and chatting away. So I blurted out the observation...

Me: Mga cowboy (I even pronounced this ko-boy) pala kayo eh...
LBB: Huh? Ano sabi mo?
Me: Koboy pala kayo kasi you didn't need plates and forks to eat...
LBB: Oh!
Me: Why, don't you guys use that term anymore?
LBB: Uh, No...
Me: *kinda embarassed then one of his friends tried to "save" me from the moment*
Friend: Oh yeah, I hear MY MOM use that term!
Me: *nervous laugh and said to self* Huh? Please don't tell me I heard that!
Ane: Hahahahah matanda ka na daw!!!!!!!



As most of you now know, my LBB and I are 12 years there's really a generation gap, eh? But sometimes, I get jaded and never realize that right away. We do get along very very well (he thinks maturely, most of the time) but sometimes, it can't be helped to notice the differences :D


He's going to the same university that I attended. Guess what? Some of my professors are still handling him now (Mr. Cutie Garcia in Chem and Mr. Asis in PE next term). But so much has changed. There are buildings I never knew. My Logic teacher, the muy guapo, Atty. Cruz is now the CBE vice-dean. One of the my business teachers have re-married, thus changed her name from maiden to married to maiden to married again--I hope it's for keeps :) Another business teacher is now the Uni Registrar (it used to a Psych Prof). I have little news about CLA but I get so much fun checking out the college in the Uni website :)


My Batch/Block will soon celebrate the tenth year from Graduation. We will soon have our grad pics posted on one of the walls of the Uni as its Alumni. About 15 years ago, we'd look up one of the frames and get awed at my friend R's DAD's picture. It will be my brother's turn to look for my picture soon. Argh.


Two of LBB's friends were here just tonight. While cooking dinner, I heard their conversation:

LBB: Si ate ID 95 eh. Ako 108.
Friend: Talaga?
LBB: Yup ID 95 siya!

Inulit pa talaga eh ano? Hay matanda na ako LOL!