080808 Wedding

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We reached Caleruega at around 1pm and after literally dumping our stuff in our room, we went and had lunch at the mess hall. Des and Mae were already busy coordinating that we were left to fend for ourselves :) We toured Papi and Mami around and I was glad to see that there are already live koi in the pond (which one can feed for p20) and that there is now a hanging bridge leading to the new picnic area. The couple liked the place so much that they already made plans to bring their children there.

After walking tired us a bit, we went back to our room to rest. Ane was asleep in no time, while I tried to read a bit. I also took a nap and set the alarm for 430 (refreshments were to be served at 5pm so we needed to be ready). We were all dressed and ready by 530pm.

The wedding started a bit later, but everything else fell into place. The groom RG was his usual funny self (side: the groosmen weren't able to march because they came in jeans and rubbershoes!!! They thought the groom was kidding when they were asked to come in barong!!). The bride was stunning in her gown, I doubt she needed diet pills just to make sure she'd fit. :) I should know, I was also motivated to lose the excess weight just to make sure I'd fit in my gown during my wedding. I was excited to get to the reception because I was so looking forward to Hizon's food (I imagined their lengua!!). I considered the day to be my cheat day, I can eat anything. I started with salad. I tasted the Cheesy Lasagna, a bite of the Lengua, and then bam! Baby Dot won't cooperate anymore, I just lost my appetite. Sigh. I wanted to cry in frustration. I waited with anticipation for the day to come and I couldn't eat :( I had to force myself to eat bit more from the salad bar just so I won't sleep hungry. The reception ended just before 11pm.

Our friends and I thought we'd still have the energy to chat before sleeping. But after I took a bath, I was already too sleepy. It's good that there are no television sets in any of the rooms (the place is actually for retreats!) that I was not distracted. Papi and Mami transferred to the other room because RG's family already left and the room is already paid for (plus they had the aircon turned on there while Ane and I settled for the fan...it was cold anyway). I had a restful sleep that night :)

We paid P900/pax for the accomodation (less 10% group discount). The fee includes lunch, afternoon snack (which we missed!), dinner (which we also missed because of the wedding), breakfast and AM snack. Not bad huh? The food was nothing fancy but filled us nonetheless :) We plan to return with the E's and respective families for Mae's despedida.

So there. A local trip crossed out of my wish list this year ;)