Mini Reunion

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We had a mini-reunion (mom's side) at lunch today. Mini since not everyone was there. But we had a blast! We met up at Chinatown Bestfood in Banawe to surprise my Lola (Mom's Aunt) who's turning 70 on Monday. It was nice to see two of my Aunts who I haven't talked to in a while -- I was closest to their family when I was young and before they all moved to Cainta from Bulacan. The food was so-so (hehehe we all thought we'd be going buffet eh) but the conversations between relatives more than made up for that. They're all so happy to see me pregnant. My fave cousin's wife brought two of her books and some of her preggy clothes and lent then all to me, how sweet :) Everybody has a tip to share -- what to eat and not to eat, only to find out that my OB and husband are more old-fashioned than they are (Oh, I have a long list of what not to eat!). I least I won't have to think of what weight loss pills to take after I give birth.

Sigh. I realized I missed all of them. Three hours aren't enough to catch up the lost times. I really wish we could get-together more often.

I have no pictures to share from this event as I left our camera at home since we just took a cab after we left Tisay in The Block.